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May/June 2003

The underground source for the ultra hard-core bodybuilder who wants to put on as much muscle as possible, including discussions of steroids.

May/June 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #14


  • Feedback
    Regarding Creablast, Pro Stack, Demagain

  • Ryan Out Loud
    I am sure your pantry is full of great food, but are you really eating exactly everything your body needs to get huge.

  • Anabolics Discussion
    Including Vanadyl Sulfate, Arnold vs. Todays Pros, Anavar Questions, and more. These come from the discussion boards on the web site.

  • Steroid Profile: Anavar
    Also called Oxandrolone. Anavar was truly made for women and children because it does not stunt the growth of children and does not virilize women. It's been used quite effectively as a drug to combat osteoporosis in women and actually promote growth in children.

  • Steroid Q&A
    Questions include 'Can I inject into calves', and 'How do you travel with gear' and 'I am planning to take 100mcg of Cytomel daily'.

  • Misadventures of Tex
    A cartoon written by Chris Churchill.

  • Supplement Q&A
    Questions include 'Interest in the Pro Stack', 'Having trouble sleeping lately' and 'Is it ok to drink alcohol while you are on supplements?'

  • End of Supplement Freedom?
    The war on drugs become a war on supplements. If you are a consumer of today's prohormone products, what you are about to read will strike overwhelming fear in your heart.

  • Training Q&A
    Questions include 'Dips really help you add girth and help shape the tris', "Can you use the superset with just about any body part and expect the same result?', 'My sphincter feels like its going to drop out in the middle of a set'. And more.