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Spring 2004

Body of Science is the science of bodybuilding and performance enhancement at its best without limits, and without restraints. Each issue is devoted to providing cutting edge articles and information from some of the greatest minds in the industry. On the cover is Carmen Garcia.

Spring 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue #1

Fitness Profile

  • Carmen Garcia - In Control
    Smart, sexy and ambitious ... Hear what this Fitness Cover Model and Competitor has to say about fitness, staying in shape, and her purrfect day.


  • X-Factor - Trial by Fire
    Don't listen to the critics! Oh wait ... listen! It's so much fun when they have to eat their words. X-Factor results examined/revealed as this supplement grows in popularity.

  • Supplement Research Update
    Take an up-close look at the current medical research surrounding the latest sports supplements. Find out what really works, and what doesn't.

  • Kim Seeley - Lucky to Have Diabetes?
    NPC Pro-Card contender Kim Seeley talks about some of the difficulties of competing with diabetes.


  • William Llewellyn - Interleukin-15: Super Anabolic of the future?
    Anabolic research chemical IL- 15 may look good on paper, but will it really be the next big thing?

  • Ronny Tober - Counterfeit Corner: Examining Norma Hellas Deca
    European counterfeit steroid expert Ronny Tober helps guide you through buying one of the most commonly copied Deca products in history.

  • William Llewellyn - Chemical Q&A
    THE Performance-Enhancing Drug Expert answers your most controversial questions.

  • The Lab - Steroid Testing
    Enanthate from Poland and Cypionate from Mexico.

Training / Nutrition

  • Charles Poliquin - Increasing the Effectiveness of Bench Press Training
    Few have the distinction that Charles Poliquin has in our industry. Get the advice that makes the pros.

  • Marty Tuley - You heard him, GET OFF YOUR ASS!
    Author of "Get Off Your Ass". Old School Shoulders - Marty Tuley gives you tips to building huge defined delts that you don't want to shrug off.

  • Lovena -The Diva Knows!
    The Smell of Contest Preparation. Follow this Former IFBB Pro and current WTF Champion through the grueling pre-contest regiment of a female bodybuilder.