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Summer 2005

Body of Science is the science of bodybuilding and performance enhancement at its best without limits, and without restraints. Each issue is devoted to providing cutting edge articles and information from some of the greatest minds in the industry. On the cover is Kendra Elias, IFBB Professional Competitor.

Summer 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue #3

Fitness Profile

  • Dave Palumbo - the Inside Interview
    This revered bodybuilder sets the record straight on his arrest, and talks about his life behind bars.


  • Rick Collins with Mike DiMaggio
    The Legal Side. Read his testimony before the U.S. Sentencing Commission that successfully helped stop the proposed boost in penalties for steroid offenses.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    CEE is put to the test! Body of Science - doing the job that the FDA can't.

  • The Proving Grounds
    A quest for real life product feedback gives rise to BOS' newest section - the Proving Grounds. Real world results for real people.

  • Aromatase Inhibiting Supplements
    An exploration into this classification of testosterone boosting supplements.


  • Counterfeit Corner
    Special Report. Robby Tober takes an in-depth look at Growth Hormone - what their sources may be and the possible dangers and risks.

  • Chemical Q&A
    William Llewellyn answers your most controversial questions!

  • Roid Trip
    Khon Thai Need Not Apply - Flanker navigates the pharmacies of Trailand.

  • The Lad - Steroid Testing
    Body Research, Russain "Joint Stock", and South American Promobolan

Training / Nutrition

  • Charles Poliquin - No Holds Barred Interview (Part II)
    Poliquin and our publisher get juicy on the cat and mouse game of competitive doping on a global level.

  • Will Brink - Theory of Nutrition
    Renowned nutrition expert and author, Will Brink, discusses one of his most talked about theories.