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April 2006

Body of Science is the science of bodybuilding and performance enhancement at its best without limits, and without restraints. Each issue is devoted to providing cutting edge articles and information from some of the greatest minds in the industry. On the cover is Jojo Ntiforo, IFBB Professional Competitor.

April 2006 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Number 4

Feature Interview

  • Don A. Sandoval - Cash, Cars, Counterfeits, Conviction
    William interviews ex-steroid dealer and counterfeiter Don Sandoval about what it was like being a "big money"dealer, and about his ultimate arrest and conviction.


  • Rick Collins (with Mike DiMaggio) - The Legal Side
    Mike DiMaggio informs us of a scary new attack being made on the rights of supplement buyers!

  • Supplement Research Update
    News, Information, and Research Relevant to the Sports Supplement World.


  • 30 Days after - "The Biggest Steroid Bust in History"
    Body of Science takes a look at the aftermath of the recent DEA crackdown on Mexican steroid manufacturers.

  • Counterfeit Corner - Yellow Top Deca
    Ronny Tober looks at the widely counterfeited Greek Yellow Top Deca-Durabolin.

  • Dave Palumbo - Hardcore Q&A
    Dave Palumbo tackles the hard drug questions few competitive bodybuilders want to answer.

  • Roid Trip - The Netherlands "Windmills,Weed, and Winstrol"
    William Llewellyn spends three weeks in The Netherlands, to get the scoop on the local drug scene.

  • The Lab - Steroid Testing
    Four Mexican Veterinary products put to the test.

  • Consumer Alert - Nutral IGF-1 LR3
    Ronny Tober exposes a popular underground IGF-1 Long R3 product that actually contains an unidentified form of animal insulin!

Training / Nutrition

  • Poliquin Performance
    Charles Poliquin helps you manage your insulin levels for optimal body composition changes.