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July - August - September 2005

Bodytalk Magazine is published by BOSS, a sports nutrition distributor. It features various training and diet articles, pictures, and various reviews on products and more.

July - August - September 2005 - Table of Contents


  • Charity Event or After Party
    Jason Dhir's Charity After Bash raises the after party scene to the next level at the Arnold Classic Weekend.

  • Shapely Summer Shoulders
    By Linda Cusmano. Includes Overhead Press, Front Delt Raise, Side Delt Raise, and Rear Delt Raise…

  • 2005 Emerald Cup and Pittsburgh Show Experience
    Fawnia Mondey discusses her experiences at the NPC shows, what kind of diets she goes through, what kind of training she goes with, and so much more.

  • Orotic Acid
    The sexiest sports nutrition nutrient in existence. The main mechanisms of Orotic Acid include enhancement and maintenances of ATP pools, increased glucose uptake, increase ribose moieties, increased muscle carnosine, and more.

  • Build Lean Muscle
    The one key to building muscle and burning fat.

  • Are You Making These Common Mistakes in the Gym
    Avoid looking like a rookie and improve your results by following these corrective techniques.

  • Model Mom
    Liza Hughes beauty is often measured visually by the delicate lines and voluptuous curves that grace her athletic Puerto Rican body.

  • Macrobolic Nutrition
    The diet that produces 'Sizable' gains in lean muscle mass.

  • Monster Traps! Heavy Metal
    Everybody wants them, but few have them, big traps!

  • Developing a Deadly Deadlift
    Part one in a training interview series with Josh Bryant.

  • Fitness Made Simple Q&A
    John Basedow answers some of your questions on training, and diet.

  • Message from Don Long
    Don Long is healthy and has been doing a lot of personal training. He also has development Don Long Nutrition.