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January - February - March 2006

Bodytalk Magazine is published by BOSS, a sports nutrition distributor. It features various training and diet articles, pictures, and various reviews on products and more.

January - February - March 2006 - Table of Contents


  • Re-Inventing the Industries Expo's
    Jason Dhir's Fitness Expo in Powell, Ohio was a feeling that can only be experienced because you witnessed the entire fitness and supplement industry being pushed to the next level.

  • Jackie Gayda - the WWE Years
    Born November 3, 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio, Jackie won the MTV Tough Enough 2 Show at a very young age. Here is an interview with Jackie.

  • Sgt Rock's Old School Deadlift Routine
    This is all about the old school and what works. It is not candy coated or fancy. It doesn't require any special equipment.

  • Weight Training is like Sex
    Everyone thinks that they do it right.

  • Butt Building - Fixing your flat ass
    Let's work with what you got and turn your butt into your sexiest and most loved body part!

  • Building Lean Muscle
    Build Muscle Fast with the 8x8 System. It is a very unique, and high productive training program devised by the legendary trainer Vince Gironda.

  • MHP signs Victor Martinez
    Top IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez, on board with sports nutrition industry leader.

  • Fitness Made Simple
    The top 10 tips that have helped me more than I can say in my efforts in fitness goals.

  • Profile: Jessica Renee
    Jessica is 5'5", long legged, long haired blond with hazel eyes and a perfect body, and has done very well for herself.

  • News & Views
    Olympia 2005 - a few pics from the expo.