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Fall 2003

We are the women who challenge the limits of athletic performance, strength, and physique perfection. Finally a magazine for us. We address women who can do without "fluff" and want serious information about serious training.

Fall 2003 Table of Contents


  • Biceps Blast
    Want kick ass biceps? We will show you how? Including the truth, the training, and more.

  • Gym, Children and Competition
    How to achieve balance with a full life. The physical stress of competition training can compromise the health of even the most experienced athlete.

  • Bodybuilding Over 50
    Profiles of three incredible bodyŤ building. They are an inspiration to women of any age. Including Lina Wood-Hoyte, Wendy Jeansonne, and Loretta Evans.

  • The Venezuelan Amazon
    Betty Viana's American Dream. Betty is excited to compete in the US, after a five year battle.


  • Editorial
    Fabulous Over Forty. Age is not just a number. It is a reflection of life experiences. It is never too late to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. By Marie C. President.

  • Curl Readers
    Letters to the Readers, as the readers sound off.

  • Contest Coverage
    Including the 2003 Emerald Cup, which featured overall champion Kirstin Haug, Lori Schelling, Merry Harris, Debrada Ban Drosky, Paula Schaffer, Jill Knight, Nicole Talley, Denise Fann, and Becky West.

  • Contest Coverage
    Coverage of the 2003 Night of Champion Female bodybuilding event. It has been five years since a women's pro show took place in New York City.

  • Editor's Choice
    Stress Fractures, are you at risk? Stress fractures are defined as non impact breaking of the bones due to the application of an outside force.

  • Big Guns Club
    You have to have biceps that measure 16 inches or more to be a member of this exclusive club.

  • Ask the Doc
    Sex, pregnancy and estrogen. Our female weight trainers have burning questions.

  • Contest Schedule
    2003 Schedule for bodybuilding, fitness and figure for the ABA, NPC, INFB, WBFA, USBF, NABF and Musclemania federations.

  • Curl Speak
    Ironman Show. For women's bodybuilding its one step forward, two steps back... again.