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October 2001

Divas Magazine is a new concept for today's athletic women, mixing a magazine that is half in English and half in Spanish, on every page. The goal at Divas Magazine is to give you the best information on health, training and entertainment. On the cover is Monica Brant.

October 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #2


  • Editors Letter
    The U.S. market is our destination, by F.J. Gomez.

  • Inspirational Photos
    Including April Moore, Jennifer Goodwin, Francis Benfatto, and Kelly Ryan.

  • Ask Christine
    Questions include when and how can I burn the most fat during my working out?

  • Coming Nest Issue
    What the next issue will bring.
Health & Fitness

  • Fitness Menu
    Tofu Shake. This is one of my all time favorite recipes.

  • News On Health
    Fiber: The master key to longevity. Want to know a simple way you can live longer and feel better?

  • Supplement Review
    The power of vitamin. If I had to pick only one vitmain to take as part of my daily health plan, my choice would be Vitamin C.

  • Nutrition
    Hydration: Water vs. Sports Drinks.

  • Beauty care
    Beautiful Skin from Within. The skin is the body's laregest organ, and one of the skin's important functions is to protect the entire body from external elements.

  • The Power Of Touch
    Just as the body and brain require oxygen to exist - they also require the sense of touch.
In Motion

  • What is a Rotator Cuff?
    How to make them stronger and prevent injury. Understanding what the rotator cuff is and how to best strengthen it are the keys to increasing shoulder strengh and stability.
The Verdict

  • Top Dog Monica Brant
    With over 45 covers of every major bodybuilding and fitness magazine in the world and dozens of featured stories, Monica Brant has become one of the industry's most recognizable faces.

  • 2001 Arnold Fitness Classic
    The Ms. Fitness International showcased a glamorous collection of the world's fittest and most athletic women.