Divas Magazine
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March 2002

Divas Magazine is a new concept for today's athletic women, mixing a magazine that is half in English and half in Spanish, on every page. The goal at Divas Magazine is to give you the best information on health, training and entertainment. On the cover is Joannie Laurer.

March 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #3


  • Editors Letter
    New distribution in the U.S. and Canada, by Rick Schaff

  • Inspirational Photos
    Including Timea Majorova, Amy Fahdli, Alex Ardenti, April Moore, Christine Bybee.

  • Ask Christine
    Take baby steps to creating a healthier happier you.

  • Coming Nest Issue
    What the next issue will bring.
Health & Fitness

  • Fitness Menu
    This recipe features a quick and easy stir fry with authentic Vietnamese influence.

  • News On Health
    Turning back the clock. Are you looking for the fountain of youth?

  • Supplement Review
    Clearing up the confusion about hormone precursors.

  • Nutrition
    Nutrition for fat loss, including long term fat loss, lean body mass, and more.

  • Beauty care
    Today there is a wide selection of cosmetic products that give the skin all the nutrition and regeneration and hydration elements necessary to keep it young and active.

  • Faults: Real or Imaginary?
    Could concern about your appearance lead to a psychological disorder?
In Motion

  • Prevent Lower Back Pain
    Stop the pain! Learn how to prevent lower back pain now.

  • Armed And Ready
    So you say you want arms you can show off, huh?
The Verdict

  • My Name is Joanie
    With her alter ego character, Chyna, behind her, Joanie Laurer has set her sites on completing the next phase of her long range goal.