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June 2002

Divas Magazine is a new concept for today's athletic women, mixing a magazine that is half in English and half in Spanish, on every page. The goal at Divas Magazine is to give you the best information on health, training and entertainment. On the cover is Traci Bingham.

June 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #4


  • Editor's Letter
    Get Fit For Summer. I am excited to join Divas for the 4th issue. By Angela Metropulos.

  • Inspirational Photos
    Including Susie Curry, Brandy Carrier, Mia Finnegan, Michelle Greer, and others.

  • Ask Hope
    Questions and answers by Hope Zarro.

  • Coming Next Issue
    Upcoming stories from the next issue.
Health & Fitness

  • Fitness Menu
    A dish with unbelievable flavors.

  • News on Health
    Diabetes 101. Diabetes is the body's inabil ity to control the blood glucose

  • Supplement Review
    Creatine: Is It Worth the Hype?

  • Nutrition
    Summer Slim Down. Get the bikini beach body in no time.

  • Beauty Care
    Protect Your Skin This Summer.

  • Beating Obesity
    Getting Started. An efficient approach to permanent weight loss. Part 1.

  • Hypnosis for Success
    "That nagging little voice". Part 1 of 3.
In Motion / The Verdict

  • Tendonitis
    What is it? How do you prevent it?

  • Traci Bingham
    Beauty in Motion. When you first meet the former Baywatch beauty, you are immediately struck by her face.