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January / February 2002

Energy, for Women, is published by Muscle Media. It basically is a magazine like Muscle Media, with a positive attitude, exercises, recipes, and more directed at the women fitness enthusiast. On the cover is Chelsea Cordner.

January / February 2002 - Table of Contents


  • In The Zone
    Add intensity to your workouts with a heart rate monitor.

  • Pump Up Your Self Confidence
    Seven steps to increased confidence.

  • Throw Out Your Scale
    You may be in better shape than you think!

  • Sports Bras 101
    We tested some of the top brands of sports bras. Find out what works for you.

  • Get A Grip On Stress
    Stress relief strategies you must know.

  • The Ultimate Workout
    11 esy exercises you can do anywhere.

  • Overcome the 10 Biggest Nutrition Pitfalls
    What to eat and when for nutrition success.

  • Change
    Embrace change and improve your life.

  • Workout Grandma
    It's never too late to look great!

  • A Time To Change
    How Pam Brown lost more than a hundred pounds and changed her life.

Energy Source

  • Your Inner Energy
    Follow through on your resolutions this year.

  • Mind Body Challenge
    Take time for yourself in two easy steps.

  • Body Shoppe
    Fitness solutions for a healthy body.

  • Training Challenge
    Even if you are a thousand miles apart, you can still motivate each other.

  • Food For Thought
    Is chai tea really good for you?

  • Nutrition Challenge
    Learn to be a grazer

  • For Your Health
    Is laughter the best medicine?

  • Health Challenge
    How exercise can improve your health and increase your energy.

  • FYI
    The latest research on health and fitness.

  • Style
    Pamper yourself with these soothing lotions and energizing pills.


  • From the Editor
    Prepare for success this year.

  • Our Contributors

  • In Touch
    Letters from our readers.

  • Meals In Minutes
    Make four fabulous meals in 20 minutes or less.

  • The Training Zone
    How to build sexy, strong shoulders.

  • The Next Step
    Trust in your success and believe in yourself.