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December 2000

This is the premiere issue of Excel Magazine, introduced at the 2000 Olympia Weekend as a preview. Excel is meant to address the general and elite fitness needs of men and women of all ages. On the cover is Kerry LeBleu and Joe Bucci.

December 2000 - Table of Contents


  • Legends
    From the 3 more reps series; Routines of five super champions.

  • Workout
    You are only as good as your legs, by Will Dabish

  • Power
    If you are going to cheat, cheat fair!

  • Longevity
    How to beat the clock of agin, by Bob Delmonteque

  • IFBB Report
    Ben Weider: Leader Extraordinaire

  • Basics
    Start Right, by George Snyder

  • Bodybuilding
    The vision of Joe Weider


  • Diet 101
    Frustrated dieters and athletes find their solution in low glycemic carbohydrates, by Keith Angelin.

  • Nutri-Tips
    How 8 glasses of water keep fat away

  • Remedies
    Cold and Flu Season, by Mindy DeBaise

  • Breakthrough
    Methoxyflavone, by Brian Batcheldor


  • Freestyle
    The Answer for Everybody

  • Images
    Tanning - looks can kill!

  • Figure
    Buttocks and thigh specialization

  • Strikeback
    Physical conditioning for self-defense

  • Spotlight
    The transformation of Sherry Gideons.

Special Interest

  • Cover Models
    By Joe Bucci and Kerry leBleu

  • Galaxy
    Heroes of California, Florida and the Texas Semi Finals.

  • VIP Interview
    Eric Weider, the Weider empire's new generation

  • Profiles
    Galaxy, Strength and martial Arts Personalities

  • Martial Arts
    Stretching and Flexibility