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March 2001

Excel tackles the new and complex issues of health and fitness, stripping away the hype that hides facts, practical applications and scientific evidence. Each information packed issue is designed to improve health and fitness, relying on the most credible sources. On the cover is Susan and Mike Reeves.

March 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Longevity
    The Fountain of Youth, by Bob Delmonteque

  • Workout
    The Ultimate Chest Workout, by Will Dabish

  • Power
    The Lebanese Lion, Still Roars, by Samir Bannout

  • Martial Arts
    Karate Conditioning, by Mike Reeves

  • Basics
    Flexibility: Stretching Techniques, by Ed Emlaw

  • Powerlifting
    The Changing World of Powerlifting, By Eric Thomas


  • Diet 101
    The Muscle Factor Diet, by Keith Angelin

  • Medical Research
    The World Research Foundation

  • Breaktrough
    Fat Secret Secrets: The Search Continues, by Matthias Boldt

  • Remedies
    Cancer Treatment Alternatives, by Mindy DeBaise

  • Nutra Tech
    Advances in Weight Management, by Chuck Rudolph

  • Reviews
    New Products


  • Images
    Beauty Secrets Q&A, by Barbara Hall

  • Figure
    The Five Best Buttblasters, by DeAnna Roberts

  • Freestyle
    20 Most Frequently Asked Questions, by George Snyder

  • Strikeback
    Stricking Back, Part 1, by Susan Reeves

  • Personal Best
    Choosing a personal trainer, by Jacqueline Dempsey

Special Interest

  • Cover Models
    Mike and Susan Reeves

  • Spotlight
    Empire Distribution, by Mindy DeBaise

  • Galaxy
    Moving into 2001, by Kim Hill

  • Winning Careers
    Self Promotion, by Linda Hollander and Sheryl Felice

  • Genesis
    Cross Training, by Sherry Gideons

  • IFBB Report
    Our Beliefs, by Ben Weider

  • Profiles
    Galaxy, Strength and Martial Arts Personalities, by Kim Hill and David Newingham.