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Spring 2002

Excel tackles the new and complex issues of health and fitness, stripping away the hype that hides facts, practical applications and scientific evidence. Each information packed issue is designed to improve health and fitness, relying on the most credible sources.

Spring 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Pharmacy
    Ask the Pharmacist, by Dr. Michael and Mark D'Angelo.

  • Longevity
    Stamina and Endurance, by Bob DelMonteque

  • Images
    Beauty Secrets Q&A, by Barbara Hall

  • Reviews
    New Products

  • Power
    Ultimate Arm Workout, by Will Dabish

  • Galaxy
    The Search for the World's Most Beautiful & Fit Women Continues, by Deanna Roberts.

  • Muscle
    Your Bad Back Workout, by Daniel Ginsburg

  • Nutra-Tech
    Balancing Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat, by Keith Angelin.

  • Freestyle
    The Forgotten Factor in Fitness: Common Sense and Logic, by George Snyder

  • Spotlight
    Kurt Angle: Getting Bigger and Better With MHP's Big 3

  • Careers
    Wealthy 'Bag Lady' Shows Women Success is in the Bag, by Rhoda Goldie.

  • Breakthrough
    Learn How To Maximize Your Physical and Psychological Potential with the Wonder Nutrient, L-Carnitine.