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Spring 2003

Excel tackles the new and complex issues of health and fitness, stripping away the hype that hides facts, practical applications and scientific evidence. Each information packed issue is designed to improve health and fitness, relying on the most credible sources.

Spring 2003 - Table of Contents Volume 10, Number 11


  • Editorial
    Changes, 2003, a new year for all of us and time to make that commitment. By George Snyder.

  • Galaxy: A New Beginning
    The search for the world's most beautiful women continues. On November 9th, 2002, the Galaxy was held in Orlando, Florida under a new format. 1st was Ieva Aleknaite, 2nd Kelly Newton, 3rd Donna Loren, 4th Julieta Lopez, and 5th was Constanze Hohzorn.

  • Breaking the Rules
    Deborah Wilson broke the rules by including a 'skit' in her posing routine, but because of the impressive and exciting creativity of the routine, the new rules will allow props, costumes within reason and a skit in the posing routine.

  • Bodybuilding: Workouts
    Like virtually every other sport, bodybuilding represents different things to different people. What makes a muscle grow?

  • Exercise: What's the Pump
    It's simple to explain but simply magical to experience. When you exercise a particular muscle you pump extra blood into it, which helps nourish the tissue immediately. When you're finished, that muscle remain filled with blood, and is measurably larger, and it stays that way for several hours.

  • Starflex: Matthias Hues
    Kickboxing expert Matthias Hues is known as Hollywood's bone breaking bad guys. If you watch my movies, you will get scared.

  • Heartbeats
    What is fitness good health? Any fitness program must contain three components: cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility to be complete wellness. By Deborah Wilson.

  • Diets: The AM / PM Diet Plan
    The most common inquiry I get is 'How do I burn off fat and build muscle?' by J.D. Doyle, personal trainer.

  • Freestlye: 21 Day Lower Body Solutions
    A women only approach. You don't want to look like a man, so why have you been training like one. By Samantha Davis.

  • Review of Supplements
    Including G-Force, Atomic T-Bol, Muscle Milk, Syngex, Real Protein, Egg Whites.

  • Longevity: Art of Body Maintenance
    A person will think of every excuse in the book for why he or she can't exercise. By Bob Delmonteque.

  • Careers: Personal Training Industry Review
    There are between 50,0000 and 75,000 people in the USA who call themselves personal trainers. Why busy professionals use trainers! Finding a good personal trainer. And more.

  • Swimsuit Illustrated
    This issue of Excel is actually a double magazine, with Swimsuit Illustrated attached to it in an upside down format, distinguishing between the magazines.