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August 2000

Fit Magazine, is for strong, smart and sexy women, who wants to look and feel great. On the cover is Gena Lee Nolin, star of tvs 'Sheena'.

August 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 3


  • Get Your Chi Flowing
    Tai chi is an ancient exercise discipline that works to increase strength, enhance flexibility, improve balance and promote calmness. And you can do it until you are old and creaky, except you won't be creaky if you do tai chi.

  • Reebok's Final Cuts
    Gin Miller designed these moves to get you in shape for the toughest challenge you will ever face, real life. Plus, each move engages multiple muscles, for ultimate in calorie burning. Yahoo!

  • Have Gym Will Travel
    Our regular columnist, Jourdan, arms herself with a serious muscle sculpting tool - a resistance band - for hardcore, body toning moves. If you don't own a resistance band, you will only have to spend $20 for a set of four. C'mon. That is the price of two movie tickets and some popcorn.

  • Women to Learn From
    These six fitness teachers will blast you with so much inspiration that you will actually get yourself to the gym. At least on the day you read the article, anyway.

  • It Takes Two
    Exercising with your honey bunny will get you fir, firm and ready to rumble.

  • On the cover: Gena Lee Nolin
    The star of tv's "Sheena" talks about her incredible lucky life. Photographed exclusively for FIT by John Russo.


  • Signs of the Times
    Ace astrologer Aluna Michaels gives us diet and exercise advice for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Pay attention!

  • Go for the Glow
    Of course you want to look like a glorious sun kissed creature. But you do not want to wake up in 20 years regretting your UV tainted youth. So protect yourself, and fake the ray exposed look. Then check out the best in shimmery makeup to compliment your tan (wink, wink).

  • It's All In Your Head
    Stop obsessing about your body and read this article. Your thighs are not the problem. The way you talk about them is.

  • Been There, Lost That
    Here, Karin DeStefano tells how she learned to like exercise. It's a good think to like. Karen los 40 pound by learning to like it. We say don't ""just do it". We say, Just Like It. You're gonna do it, and you're gonna like it.


  • Grill Seekers
    These yummy grilling recipes don't have fat in them! So you won't be wearing them tomorrow.

  • Oyster Cult
    The mighty oyster is a winner in the nutrition category. Check it out!

  • Nobody's Perfect
    We asked nutritionist Stephanie Logan to grade our own personal diets. (And Lisa, our editor, got the only A and is still gloating.)

  • The Glycemic Index
    The glycemix index measures how a particular carbohydrate (like bread or a carrot) affects blood sugar levels. Should we care?