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December 2003

Home to the World's Hottest Fitness Models, screamed the Premier issue of Fitbeauties for Men. Every issue of Fitbeauties for me is jammed with Rob Sims' incredible swimsuit and lingerie photos of the sexiest fitness models on the planet. You will also get exclusive erotic stores written by the models themselves, as well as our famous interviews, where the girls hold nothing back. On the cover is Timea Majorova, shot on location in Malibu.

December 2003 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Number 1, Premier Issue

Features / Pictorials

  • Cover Model Timea Majorova
    I'm Hungarian and Slovakian, a hard working Libra, and my vacation fantasy would be to Safari in Africa, sleeping under the stars with wild beasts.

  • Christina Lindley
    Believe it or not, I think my best feature is my hair, and I work out because it gives me energy. I consider eating cheesecake a form of self-stimulation. I was born in Atlanta, lived in Nashville. The first thing I do after sex? Recoup for round 2. My best sex advice for men? It's ok to pull hair.

  • Amanda Lee
    I love training and the energy it gives me, but I don't even have to work out to improve my best feature - my smile. My three prerequisites for intimacy for foreplay, foreplay and foreplay.

  • Rebecca Ryan
    To keep my interest, be honest and treat me like a princess.

  • Amanda Lee & Rebecca Ryan
    Amanda's body is incredible - I just couldn't control myself. Rebecca is one of the hottest fitness models I have ever shot with - I couldn't keep my hands off her.

  • Liz Centrella
    My favorite part of a man is his back, and if he wants to spend time with he, there has to be a physical attraction, respect, a clean bill of health and whipped cream nearby.

  • Tonya Elliot
    I get turned on eating a juicy, sweet fruit that runs down my chin.

  • Liz Centrella and Tonya Elliot
    I love Liz - hot Italian women drive me crazy.

  • Sharra
    Watching porn is ok, but I prefer to make my own. The perfect first date would be dinner, coffee and dessert, with me as the dessert.

  • Elektra Knight
    I am Hawaiian and I don't believe in drama. Width or length doesn't matter as long as it has batteries. When I want to feel sexy in the bedroom, I wear my Hello Kitty undies and matching crop top.

  • Christina Linehan and Sherry Lynne

  • Christina Linehan
    When I want to dress sexy, it's not what I wear but how I wear it, that makes a difference.

  • A Day with Dacia Renee
    Dacia is a 21 year old fitness diva who makes modeling look easy. Cool pictures too.

  • Tina Rigdon
    Questions and answers in this special interview.

  • Lynda Leene
    I was raised on a cattle farm with no television.

  • Jennifer Chamberlin
    Kissing a guy is not as thrilling as kissing a beautiful women - that's more forbidden.

  • Dina Al-Sabah
    Baking and cooking naked is lots of fun! Always mare sure you woman is satisfied!

  • Exotica Soto
    My favorite sexual position is Kitty Style - like a cat in heat. The best sex involves some spanking.

Misc / Articles

  • For the Editor
    A prescription for the perfect magazine. A publication must have a clear focus in its purpose. By Spiro Kandis

  • Ask A Fitness Super Model
    Questions including a threesome, sex toys, are you a lesbian, perverted photographers and more.

  • Mind Blowing Explosive Sex
    The inside story of it, by Ellen Feely.

  • The More The Merrier?
    Are you considering having a ménage a trios?

  • Who's the Boss
    It's so hard not to succumb to our guilty pleasures…

  • Bored Exam
    Questions include what percentage of women regularly masturbate while their partner watches?

  • A Recipe for Sex
    By Nicole Ferreira. Why does food and sex always get a man's attention.

  • Rated Ex: Jenn Ryann
    Fed up with an abusive, overbearing man controlling her life, Jenn is now living free in Louisville, Kentucky.