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October / November 2002

Pregnancy is a time when you may do a lot of things differently. But pregnancy also brings with it a brand new set of worries. FitPregnancy offers you information, articles and much more to help you stay fit and healthy during your time. On the cover is Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford.

October / November 2002 Table of Contents

Cover Stories

  • Jane Kaczmarek
    Bradley Whitford and baby number 3.

  • Stress & Pregnancy
    Newest findings and advice

  • Ask Dr. Jay
    When is it safe to take your newborn outside?

  • Easy Exercises
    6 moves for before and after delivery.

  • Want a natural birth?
    5 ways to boost your odds

  • The best 278 products for babies, toddlers and you

  • Prenatal Nutrition Do's & Don't

  • Win a Ton of Baby Gear

Special Section: Buyers Guide

  • Buyer's Guide 2002
    The best products for babies, toddlers and parents. Here is our picks of the 278 most fun, safe and easy to use products. Fall fashions to keep you cozy and comfortable, cool gadgets to make your new life a little easier, car seats to keep your child safe, diaper bags in fun patterns and hip designs, stuff just for dad, baby clothes you can't resist, toys that teach and entertain, and so much more.

Your Pregnancy

  • Star Moms
    Malcom in the Middle star Jane Kaczmarek on sexy underwear, her adorable husband, Bradley Whitford and her favorite indulgence at home.

  • Pregnancy Q&A
    Your health questions answered.

  • Health
    Research shows stress can be harmful during pregnancy. Here's why you need to relax.

  • Do It Right
    Six great exercises to keep you in shape during pregnancy and after.

  • Eating for 2
    Zucchini marinati: You'll get folate, calcium and heart healthy oil from this simple side dish.

  • Labor and Delivery
    Want a drug free delivery? Here are five ways to increase your chances.

  • Nutrition
    Eating do's and don'ts.

  • Birth Stories
    A husband and wife choose a water birth at the last minute; a mother has a successful VBAC despite her doctor's reluctance.

Your Style

  • Beauty
    New moms, new looks: Makeup expert Bobbi Brown makes over two Fit Pregnancy readers.

  • Babystyle Essential
    Workout clothes for the whole nine months.

Your New Life

  • Family Ties
    The one legal document you need now.

  • Time Out
    Meet my new breasts: For this mom, some private property became quite public.

Your Baby

  • Ask Dr. Jay
    Pediatrician Jay Gordon answers your questions about cradle cap, fifth disease and when it's safe to take a newborn outside.

  • What's up, baby doc?
    How to create a working relationship with your pediatrician?

Small Packages

  • Health, Nutrition, Fitness, News and Trends
    Acupuncture and fertility, breastfeeding as babies natural painkiller, a new view on colic, good news about postpartum depression and fatty acids, and more.

In Every Issue

  • Publisher's Page: A coach for mom
  • Contributors/New Arrivals:
  • Editor's Note: The best things in life are simple
  • Letters: From our readers
  • Just The Facts: Info about prenatal nutrition and diastasis. Plus, exercise guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists.
  • Shopping Guide: Where to find the products and fashions in this issue.