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June / July 2003

Pregnancy is a time when you may do a lot of things differently. But pregnancy also brings with it a brand new set of worries. FitPregnancy offers you information, articles and much more to help you stay fit and healthy during your time. On the cover is Leilani Bishop at 9 months.

June / July 2003 Table of Contents

Cover Stories

  • Os Your Home Safe for Baby?

  • Special Report
    The shocking rise in premature births

  • 10 Things Your Guy's Gotta Know

  • You Can Do It!
    Walk your way to a healthy pregnancy

  • Eat the Best Foods
    For you and your baby

  • Scary Symptoms
    When to worry (and not)

  • Super Sexy Swimsuits
    Look good!

  • Lose the baby weight fast

  • Breast Feeding for Beginners

Your Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Q&A
    Should you be screened for cystic fibrosis even if it doesn't run in your family? Your questions answered.

  • Do It Right
    Keep your abdominal muscles strong and you'll benefit during pregnancy and after.

  • Insight
    Motherhood brings with it an opportunity for positive change.

  • Health
    What you can do to help prevent prematurely.

  • Pregnancy Diary
    Halfway there: part two of writer Jenna McCarthy's journal.

  • Birth Stories
    Two women share their pregnancy and motherhood experiences.

  • Birth Strides
    A walking workout for every trimester.

  • Super Foods
    These foods provide everything you and your growing baby need.

  • When Not To Worry
    Scary symptoms are a part of even the healthiest pregnancy. Here's how to tell what's normal and what's not.

Just For Dads

  • A Guy's Guide to Having A Baby
    The only 10 things a man needs to know about pregnancy and new fatherhood.

Your Style

  • Beauty
    The truth about hair dye, stretch marks and more.

  • Babystyle Essentials
    Bare your shape In warm weather looks.

  • Teeny Weeny Bikinis
    Spend a hot summer day in one of these retro swimsuits.

New Mom's Handbook

  • Get Your Body Back
    Getb back into shape with your baby and a stroller.

  • Nursing Know How
    Lactation consultants answer questions about breastfeeding.

Your New Life

  • Family Ties
    Five great baby friendly vacation getaways

  • Editor's Choice
    Online gifts: baby registries made easy

  • Make Room For Baby
    A modernist way to blend the nursery with mom and dad's room.

  • Time Out
    Why having a baby girl is everything nice.

Your Baby

  • Ask Dr. Jay
    What you can do for a 6 week old's tummy aches, and more.

  • Healthy Baby
    How to protect your child from lead poisoning.

  • Splash, Splash
    Fun, new swimsuits in bold colors for your little swimmer.

Small Packages

  • Health, Nutrition, Fitness, News and Trends
    Pregnancy tips for plus women, the best day to conceive, photo contest winners, and more.

In Every Issue

  • In The Spotlight: Preventing prematurity
  • Contributors
  • New Arrivals
  • Editor's Note: Here's to dads
  • Letters: Readers sound off
  • Just the Facts: Nutrition, exercise and ACOG guidelines.
  • Shopping Guide
  • Giveaway: Win great mom and baby stuff