Irony Magazine

July 2001

IRONY Magazine, since October 2000 has provided some of the most unique and top stories and photos of women who lift. Covering many of the major and state wide womens bodybuilding, strength, and fitness events. IRONY has also provided international news and coverage of the sport, as well as the people who make international lifting so popular.

July 2001 - Table of Contents
Number 4


  • Protein: The Ultimate Building Material
    By Michelle Tuggle. As bodybuilders, one of the first things you learn is that protein consumption is essential to building bigger and better muscles.

  • Laura Mak's Leg Training
    By Laura 'Mak' Makowski. Leg training is one of the hardest training days.

  • More Powerlifting with Julia Santana
    Dedicated to Gaily Thomas, who did her first powerlifting competition in Illinois.

  • Mike Francois NPS Show
    The Mike Francois show is one of the best bodybuilding competitions in the Columbus, Phio area. Overall winner Tina Rinehart, and DJ Wallis performed as the guest poser.

  • Injury Through Improper Positioning
    Most of the time when an athlete is stretching their upper extremities, their shoulder joint is involved.

  • Bethany Howlett
    Presenting international beauty and scholar. Bethany is Swedish born, and is owner and president of Better Bodies by Bethany.

  • Prohormmones: The secret is out!
    By Rosemary Vernon. Since the idea behind prohormones is that they make you more muscular faster, women were not the exact target market.

  • Rising Stars in Fitness & Bodybuilding
    Including Venolyn Clarke, Patty Dorton, Robin Coleman, and Tonia Williams.

  • How to Compete
    Part Three, by Kathy Connors. Now that a few weeks have passed and your training is coming along smoothly and you feel great on your next competition diet, you are ready, right? Not!

  • Philadelphia PrideFest Bodybuilding
    Here are a few photos from the show.

  • Emerald Cup Show Coverage 2001
    This show stands out as the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest. Here are some photos from the show.

  • Secrets of Leg Training
    By Pauliina Talus. Main thing in training is focus on what you do! Weight is not the point, the point is how you do the movement.

  • Around the Town with the Muscle Bound
    Live from New York City and the Night of the Champions, by Terry Giovinazzo. .