Irony Magazine

April 2002

IRONY Magazine, since October 2000 has provided some of the most unique and top stories and photos of women who lift. Covering many of the major and state wide womens bodybuilding, strength, and fitness events. IRONY has also provided international news and coverage of the sport, as well as the people who make international lifting so popular.

April 2002 - Table of Contents
Number 7


  • Pauliina Talus
    Meet this beautiful Finnish bodybuilder.

  • Dieting for a Figure Competition
    As a figure competitor, I aim to achieve a look that is athletic, lean, shapely and hard. Without a doubt, diet plays a key role in obtaining a champion figure. By Amber DeLuca.

  • Amino Acids
    They are more important than you think. By Michelle Tuggle.

  • The Ultimate Threat
    Female bodybuilders pose the ultimate threat to the male egos as they challenge the shared assumption that men are, and will always be, more powerful than women. By Lisa Bavington.

  • Meet Kathy Connors
    Part 2. I have experience a lot in my 42 years, more than most people experience in a lifetime. Meet the wild side and the mild side of Kathy.

  • Arnold Classic 'Ms International' 2002
    Photos from the show.

  • The Ugly Stepsister
    Multivitamins. All too often we ignore the most important supplement because we are searching for the Holy Grail.

  • Around the Town With the Muscle Bound
    Live from the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Woman's Perspective of Men vs. Women in Training
    Men are more confident in the gym, more aggressive by nature, and socially encouraged to work harder or pump more iron in the gym than a woman would. By Yaz Boyum.

  • No Deprivation Snacks Help You Lose Weight
    By Colette Nelson. Losing weight can be a challenge even for the most experience dieter. But the snack idea listed might help your through your weakest moments. The whole idea is to find foods that bulk without added calories.

  • Photographing the Physique
    By Bonnie McQue. Focus is on fine art nude photography.

  • Susan's Recipe Corner
    Ostrich Chili. Yes, that is right, Ostrich!

  • A Shining Star at the 2001 Florida State
    Promoted by Pat Sporer, this year's women really lit up the stage with their quality physiques as well as some of the states best posing routines. .