Irony Magazine

October 2002

IRONY Magazine, since October 2000 has provided some of the most unique and top stories and photos of women who lift. Covering many of the major and state wide womens bodybuilding, strength, and fitness events. IRONY has also provided international news and coverage of the sport, as well as the people who make international lifting so popular.

October 2002 - Table of Contents
Number 9


  • First Fitness Show
    Where do I start? How to handle the week prior to the show? By Alison Bookless.

  • Amber DeLuca
    Champion competitor and American Indian. A bio on Amber, one of the most recently hired American gladiators 'Apache.

  • Growing in the Winter
    The cooler months are upon us, as well as what is referred to as the 'off season' for bodybuilding, fitness and related sports. By Kathy Conners.

  • Around the Town With the Muscle Bound
    Who is your favorite female bodybuilder, we are going to have the Irony People's Choice Award.

  • Eating on a Ketogenic Diet
    By Beth Roberts. A ketogenic diet is any diet that cause ketone bodies to be produced by the liver, shifting the body's metabolism away from glucose and towards fat utilization.

  • Just Good Old Basics
    I myself like to stick with the basics, good old free weights, basic movements, and my personal choice is to go 'heavy and hard'. By Gerri Deach

  • Ms. Olmypia 2002 / Fitness Olympia 2002
    To pick a winner from the line up at both shows required a magnifying glass. Each competitor brought something slightly different but they were all magnificent.

  • 5 Solid Rules To Eating on the Go
    Including feed thy engine; pack thy own meals and snacks; maintain a personal relationship with thy soft cooler; choose ye wisely in restaurants; and let not thyself skip meals.

  • Guilt Free Holiday Meals
    From Susan Crawford's Kitchen. Including Herb Roasted Turkey, Sausage Dressing, and Super Creamy Pumpkin Pie.

  • The 2002 Jan Tana Classic
    The Jan Tana Classic celebrated it's 15 year anniversary this year. And as part of the celebration, returned to its roots at the EC Glass auditorium in Lynchburg, Virginia.

  • Meet Michelle Ivers
    A little bio about Michelle, and how she got involved in bodybuilding.

  • Competitors Beware
    According to the July 2002 issue of Pure Power Magazine, 18.8% of products in the U.S. tested positive for contamination. By Rosemary Vernon.

  • New Blonde on the Block
    Meet Lauren Powers. The All American Blonde had made her splash in the fitness world in Southern California. .