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June 2001

Let's Live bills itself as America's foremost health and preventive medicine magazine for 68 years. Let's Live is sponsored by GNC, and distributed to GNC Gold members. On the cover is Joanna Joyce.

June 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Sexual Health for Men
    Maintai a healthy sex life with these drug free solutions for impotence, infertility and more.

  • Natural 911
    First aid tips and home remedies can come to the rescue in an emergency.

  • The Many Benefits of SAM-e
    This multi talented supplememt shows promise for depression, arthritis and other conditions.

  • 10 Ways to Be Sun Savvy
    Here are 10 easy things you can do to protect your skin this summer and throughout the year.

  • Discover Alpha-GPC
    Choline rich alpha-GPC is the newest anti aging nutrient from Europe.


  • Nature's Pharmacy: Xanax vs. Kava
    Before you put a dangerous drug into your system, try kava for anxiety first.

  • Your Health: Vitamins for AIDS
    Dr. Huemer offers advice on supplements for AIDS patients, anemia and male infertility.

  • Physical: Guide to High Tech Proteins
    Here is how to pick the best protein for your needs.

  • Natural Medicine Chest: Smooth Sailing
    Relieve motion sickness with homeopathic remedies, ginger and other gentle therapies.

  • Herbs for Health: Stamp Out Athlete's Foot
    Anti-fungal herbs, include tea tree and thyme, are potent weapons against athlete's foot.

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