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March 2003

Let's Live bills itself as America's foremost health and preventive medicine magazine for 70 years. Let's Live is sponsored by GNC, and distributed to GNC Gold members. On the cover is Ivana Bozilovic.

March 2003 - Table of Contents


  • Spring Into Fitness
    Month 1. Four men and women undergo diet and exercise makeovers - see their results after one month.

  • Herbs 101: A Beginner's Guide
    Answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions about herbs

  • The Anti-Inflammation Diet
    New findings show inflammation could set the stage for disease. Here's how diet can help.

  • Avoid Kidney Stones with Good Nutrition
    Are kidney stones in your future? Find out what you can do to prevent them?


  • Nature's Pharmacy
    Reishi vs. Norvasc. Reishi mushroom beats prescription norvasc for hypertension.

  • Second Opinions
    Holistic care for hepatitis C. Natural health experts offer alternative therapies for hepatitis C.

  • Anti Aging
    Love your liver. Liver friendly herbs, help for erectile dysfunction and an interview with author James Braly.

  • Your Health/Her Health
    Is Ginko good for hypertension? Controlling high blood pressure with ginko, help for Grover's disease, and treating yeast infections cause by antibiotics.

  • Natural Medicine Chest
    Stomach Soothers. Feeling queasy? These remedies for upset stomach can provide fast relief.

  • Ask the Herbalist
    Find relief from eczema. Stop the itch of eczema with herbs, and cool hot flashes with black cohosh.

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