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July 2002

With Muscle & Fitness being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M&F did for men, to teach women about muscle & fitness, and why it is important. This magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc. On the cover is Samantha Harris.

July 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 3, Number 4

Special Section: Poster

  • AbQuest
    This midsection map gives you a direct route to your leanest, strongest abs ever. The road may get hilly at times, but the results make it worth the trip.

  • FAQs: Ab Training
    If you want a tight, toned waist, training smart is the best way to start. Here is the information you need to know to best target your abdominals.


  • Perfect Form Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    Lift your way to sexy shoulders with this essential move.

  • Show Stopping Legs
    Europe's latest fitness export, Aleksandra Kobielak, shares the leg training routine that gives her a lower body worthy of an encore.

  • Lost And Found
    Tired of doing the samel old exercises? We've got six effective moves for you to try next time you are in the gym.

  • The Pre-Exhaust Principle
    This tried and true advice brings a new approach - and a new challenge - to your training.

  • Hurts So Good
    If you want to see results, you have to work hard. But does tht mean you need to train in pain? Here you will learn all about productive discomfort vs. the pain of injury.

  • Home Work: Turn on the Power
    These power moves kick your training up a notch, and you can do them just about anywhere.


  • Perfectly Suited
    Try on these hot ideas for swimsuits designed for sports, fun, showing off and - gasp! - even swimming.

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Get outdoors and flaunt your fitness! These four activities - rock climbing, surfing, wakeboarding and mountain hiking - shake up your routine and test you in new ways.

  • Skin Solutions
    Don't want to don skimp gym wear because your skin is less than flawless? We've got the prevention and treatment information you need.


  • Too Hot To Cook
    Recipes and meal plans for keeping your body looking red hot while your kitchen stays cool.

  • Dear Diary
    When it comes to weight loss, self monitoring is the one tactic that's been proven to work. We explain the whys and hows so you can say goodbye to those extra pounds forever.

  • Liquid Science
    Do all the different drinks on the market leave you drowning in information? Our report comes to the rescue with the bottom line on what to drink when.

  • Countdown to Looking Leaner
    If you've got some pounds to lose and you're in a hurry, these are the tips you need to know.

  • Lighter & Leaner: Spicy "Ribs" with Island Salsa
    A flavorful, low fat way to prepare pork with healthy fruits and vegetables on the side.


  • Success Stories: A Real Biker Babe
    A nasty motorcycle accident was a bad blow, but not a knockout punch, for this resilient woman.

  • Real Women: Tough Stuff
    Social worker Mary Hoyt does not use on the job stress as an excuse to be lazy; it just motivates her to accomplish.


  • Editorial
    Community Cause, by Betty and Joe Weider.

  • Girl Talk
    Your feedback...

  • Fitness Extra
    The latest findings for women in the fields of exercise, beauty, nutrition, psychology and health.

  • Getting Started
    Little women

  • For Moms Only
    Prenatl Yoga Basics

  • For The Competitor
    Putting on a show.

  • Buyer's Guide
    Web sites from the advertisers.

  • End Result