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July / August 2000

From Brett and Samie Benning, this is a speciality magazine found in many health food stores and gyms across the Southern California region. It deals with mainstream fitness and health, with a trend in sports nutrition.

July / August 2000 - Table of Contents

Inside Features

  • Do You Need A Life Coach?
    To make the most of yourself in the new millennium, you need to take it one step furthur. A lifestyle coach can help you achieve your dreams by defining goals and strategies with you.

  • Just Say No - To Diets, Not Food!
    Stop trying to make diets work, and start listening to your body.

  • Celebrity 'Youth Secret' Growth Hormone
    Can growth hormone really reduce body fat, increase energy and boost sexual performance?

  • Which Hollywood Body Type Are You?
    Think the celebrities all do the same workout to get those fabulous bodies? Dan Isaacson shows you how to use their examples to make your workout match your body type.

  • Tea Time
    It's healthy and the latest flavors are out of this world.

  • Eating for Disease Free Living
    Best selling Fit For Life author Harvey Diamond unveils the ultimate health plan.

  • Medically Proven Skin Care Formula Revealed
    Previously used only in the hospital arena, a new formula may provide relief for wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration and more.

Active Living

  • Active Living
    Fast Track

  • Are You Addicted to Love (Of Exercise)?
    Too much exercise can be a bad, bad thing.

  • Sportsmedicine Q&A: Tennis, Anyone?

  • Dot Come Fitness
    5 sites to cyberexercise

  • Athlete's Training Secret: The Reebok Strength Cycle
    Build strength while you ride.

Health, Beauty and Lifestyle

  • Health, Beauty and Lifestyle
    Fast track

  • Can you breathe in better skin?
    An inside look at the new hyperbaric isolation tank.

  • Sex, Lies and Love

  • Down Mexico Way
    A spa on the rocks - with a twist.

  • Enhance your breasts without surgery
    New products profile of a natural alternative.

Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Mind, Body & Spirit
    Fast Track

  • The Phoenix Rising Yoga
    Therapy Phenomenon. Meld your mind and body in a whole new way.

  • Trying Tae Kwon Do
    Our workout watcher discovers that humility can breed confidence.

Nutrition & Supplements

  • Nutrition & Supplements
    Fast track

  • 5 Super Anti Aging Supplements
    A power combo to keep you young.

  • Creatine Update
    Not just for bodybuilders, anymore.

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