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September / October 2000

From Brett and Samie Benning, this is a speciality magazine found in many health food stores and gyms across the Southern California region. It deals with mainstream fitness and health, with a trend in sports nutrition. On the cover is Paula Cobb.

September / October 2000 - Table of Contents

Inside Features

  • Let's Get Personal
    5 keys to finding a trainer who's got all the right stuff and matches your personal style.

  • The Art and Science of Trail Running
    There's a trail out there with your name on itů what are you waiting for?

  • Passing the Nutrition Bar
    Our reporter investigates how to choose bars that meet your nutrition and lifestyle needs - and even taste great.

  • Five Steps to a PMS Free Life
    Free yourself from the monthly rollercoaster with this groundbreaking program.

  • Special Health and Beauty Consumer Ad Report
    Check out these exciting products that utilize the latest industry developments designed to help you look and feel your best.

  • Liposuction in a Bottle
    Newly released topical formulation has been clinically shown to melt unsightly fat and diminish 'orange peel' cellulite.

  • Return to Youth
    New products developed by a cosmetic surgeon help turn back time - without the knife.

  • Enhance Your Breasts Without Surgery
    Try a new natural alternative developed by an herbal expert.

Active Living

  • Active Living
    Fast Track

  • Straight From the Heart
    Maximize your owkrout with a heart rate monitor.

  • Talk to me, Baby
    New Heartalker makes training fun and effective.

  • Sports Medicine Q&A
    Can you beat running injuries?

  • Camp Grows Up
    Fitcamp combines gitness and the outdoors.

  • Hot New Workout: Gyrotonics
    Improve your posture, strength and flexibility.

  • Dot-Com Fitness: Bodypotential
    A powerful new tool for you and your trainer.

Health, Beauty and Lifestyle

  • Health, Beauty & Lifestyle
    Fast Track

  • Vision Quest
    Seen the light about Lasik?

  • Real Relief for Wrinkles, Sun Damage and More
    Research update on an advanced skin formula.

  • Shape Up Your Skin with Star Treatment
    A writer gets celebrity style pampering.

  • Sex, Lies and Love
    Your relationship questions answered.

Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Mind, Body and Spirit
    Fast Track

  • Living 'Green' for a Healthier World
    Interview with Ed Begley, Jr.

  • Magnets: Not just for the fridge, anymore.
    A personal encounter with magnetic power.

  • Top Ten
    Tips for working out when you don't feel like it.

Nutrition & Supplements

  • Nutrition and Supplements
    Fast Track

  • Live to be 100
    Eating tactics to add years.

  • Get Lean, Boost Your Energy and Increase Sex Drive
    An anti-aging expert answers your questions.

  • New Trends in Health
    A potent new strategy to boost your energy and health.

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