Health & Fitness Journal
Benning's California Healthy Lifestyle Guide

  • This issue is the November / December 1999 issue of a magazine which services California's Health & Fitness population. The editors are both Brett and Sami Benning, bring a unique his and hers perspective to many issues. This magazine can be found in many places complimentary, or you can subscribe to it for about $2.95 US.

    Features in this issue includes sections of:

    • Features
      • Have you had your antioxidants today?
      • Zen on the slopes
      • Fly in Style
      • Drinking to Your Health: Report on Functional Beverages
    • Active Living
      • Get Serious About Your Abs
      • Natural Solutions Research Update
      • Mountain Gear
    • Nutrition and Supplements
      • "I Can't Beleive It's Soy"
      • Holiday Menu Secrets
    • Health, Beauty and Relaxation
      • The Health Skin Diet
      • Vision of the Future: Survivinng LASIK
    • Mind, Body and Spirit
      • Making scents of Aromatherapy
      • Top Ten: Healthy Websites
    • In Every Issue
      • From the Editors
      • We've Got Mail
      • News & Notes
      • Celebrity Health & Fitness
      • Off the Shelf
      • Products & Services Directory
      • Marketplace

    Notes: Brett P. Benning is the Publisher, and the Editor in Chief is Samie Benning. The editorial offices are located at 1147 Manhattan Aven #218, Manhatten Beach, CA 90266, with a phone number of (310) 545-4398. The web address is