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August 2000

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August 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 8

Featured Section

  • The Anti Aging Struggle
    As people live longer, they are faced with a greater likelihood of suffering from age-related diseases. This issue of HSR is devoted to degenerative diseases and the host of natural products that can help stave them off or lessen their blow. There are three feature articles, each an in depth look at a specific area of degenerative diseases.

  • The Price of Longevity
    Heart diseases, cancer diabetes and mascular degeneration affect millions and lead to far too many deaths. Natural producst can be a great help both before and after the onset of these major degenerative diseases. This article focuses on the research and scientific progress of such natural remedies.

  • Building Up, Not Breaking Down
    Many decades of hard work, hard play or both can tax the bones and joints. It is, therefore, no surprise that osteroporosis and arthritis plague a growing portion of the population. Many have found relief in natural products. This feature details the products and latest research that can benefit current and potential victims of these degenerate bon and joint diseases.

  • When Aging Affects Mental Health
    Forgertfulness is a common In-Law of aging, but more serious brain diseases are the real scare. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and vascular dementia each degenerates scores of victims. Much is not known about these diseases, including cures and causes in some instances, but a good deal of the progress has been made in addressing symptoms. Here is a run down of the nutrients that can help and a review of emerging research.


  • Viewpoint
    All About Progress

  • Ayurveda
    Boswellic Acids: A Novel NSAID compound.


  • News and Trends
    Aristolochia concerns authorities.

  • Government Watch
    FTC comes down hard an ADHD supplements.

  • Studies and Research
    Calcium may hold key to weight loss.

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