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April 2001

Health Supplement Retailer is dedicated to providing information for and about the dietary supplement industry to health food stores, pharmacies, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers, and others interested in the industry. According to HSR, more health food stores receive HSR than any other industry magazine. More than 16,000 retailers receive HSR magazine.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 7, Number 4

Featured Section

  • Diabetes and Blood Sugar
    As obesity ratees soar, diabetes and its destructive effects are likely to disrupt and ravage an increasing portion of the population. To avoid this disease or deal with it after onset, Americans must find ways to control their blood sugar and weight, as well as ease diabetic complication. Learn the specifics of this disease and how supplements, diet and lifestyle changes can help.

  • Sizing Up Soy
    Americans are getting an earful of information about soy. Last year's natural product superstar continues to post promising research results, and lines of products featuring soy are exploding onto the market. Discover the latest news and science on this popular legume, and get a snapshot on what products are currently available or will soon be vying for shelf space.

  • A Few Good Fats
    Essential fatty acids (EFAs), particularly those of the omega-3 order, have steadily won praise and favor for their beneficial effects on such heavyweight chronic diseases as heart disease, obesity and cancer. The research behind these claims is extensive and has unearthed even more possible benefits. Catch up with the emerging science and learn the diner points of the various EFAs.


  • News & Trends
    USP set to launch dietary supplement certification program.

  • Government Watch
    Court orders folic acid claim

  • Studies and Research
    Soybean derivative may offer protection against mouth cancer.


  • Viewpoint
    Taking on Hot Topics

  • Branded Ingredients
    AdvantaSoy. ChromeMate. And Arabinogalactan.

  • Quality Management
    Botanical quality questions plague industry

  • Retailing
    Good news. We are doing fine.

  • Pharmacy Profile
    Pharmaca integrative pharmacy

  • Herbal Update
    Spices may regulate blood sugar levels

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