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January 2002

Health Supplement Retailer is dedicated to providing information for and about the dietary supplement industry to health food stores, pharmacies, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers, and others interested in the industry. According to HSR, more health food stores receive HSR than any other industry magazine. More than 16,000 retailers receive HSR magazine.

January 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 8, Number 1

Featured Section

  • Getting the Essentials
    Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) may be some of the unsung heroes in a wide range of conditions. Some of its benefits, such as for heart health and cognitive wellness, are well known. But some of its lesser known attributes - such as for skin problems and PMS - are well kept secrets. In this HSR, we cover the gamut of EFAs, both in how these nutrients work and what they work on best.

  • Supplier Locator Guide
    A resource directory for materials and suppliers.

  • Conquering a Disease of the Night
    High blood pressure and sky rocketing cholesterol levels may be aided through a few well selected supplements.

  • The Battle of The Bulge
    Thermogenics, insulin aids and fat binders are some of the hottest diet aids on market today.


  • News and Trends
    Expo East brings industry to D.C.

  • Government Watch
    FDA, AHPA clarify 'PA-free' comfrey guidelines.

  • Studies & Research
    Women taking supplement report improved sexual function.

  • Hot Topic
    Anthrax fears prompt strong promotion of 'immune enhancing' supplements.

  • Products
    Various products in a showcase.

  • Ad Index
    HSR Advertiser Index

  • Classified