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March 2001

Vitamin Retailer is dedicated to providing information for and about the dietary supplement industry in order to foster industry growth and help preserve the rights of dietary suppliers and retailers.

March 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 8, Number 3


  • A Soyful Experience
    The health benefit have always been there - but now modern technology is whipping up great tasting soy foods.

  • Keep Vision Supplements in Sight
    Read about the four sight robbers - and how you can help your customers enhance vision health with supplements.

  • Allergy Remedies For The Sneezing Season
    Allergies stem from a problematic immune response. TCM, homeopathy and other supplement help smooth it out, and alleviate those annoying symptoms.

  • Supplement Spotlight: Beta Glucan
    Derived from mushrooms, beta glucans have wonderful applications for enhancing immunity.

  • Special Section: HBA
    Your bodycare section can be beautiful and bountiful. Read how and what's new to place on your shelves.


  • Internet Connections
    Learn how manipulating cyberspace can assist day by to day activities.

  • Industry Q&A
    CRN president John Cordaro outlines the association's plans.

  • Scientific Review
    Nutrients can help those with CFS and fibromyalgia feel a bit better.

  • Healthy Shopper
    Colostrum is a powerful tool for enhancing one's immunity.


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