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August 2000

Muscular Development, owned by Twinlab, is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on natural bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading. The look of natural bodybuilding and less on the hardcore look is what Muscular Development stands for. With everything geared towards the natural look, it continues to attack steroids, drugs, etc. On the cover is Torrie Wilson

August 2000 Table of Contents
Volume 37, Number 8


  • MD Training Camp
    The Infamous Push / Pull Routine, Phase 2

  • Sport Specific Training
    Football - Nebraska Grat Boyd Epley tell you how to train.

  • Muscle Form + Function
    Get thick arms and a crushing grip.

  • Cardio Q&A
    By James A. Peterson and Cedric X. Bryant

  • By the Experts Q&A
    By Steven J. Fleck, and William J. Kraemer


  • Research Nutrition
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Research Supplements
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Supplement Performance
    ZMA: Grow as you Sleep

  • Nutrition Performance
    The Heavy Truth: Why American is Fat

  • Muscle Shakes
    Egg Nog… Very Vanilla

Fat Loss

  • Research Fat Loss
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Fat Attack
    Stress causes Abdominal Obesity.

Health & Fitness

  • Research Fitness
    > By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Research Sports Medicine
    > By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Research Health
    > By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Sports Science
    Does Heavy Lifting Damage Joints?

Inside Angles

  • Editor's Letter
    Farewell Hercules

  • Mail Room
    Where our readers rave and rant

  • Millennium Marketplace

  • The Last Word
    by John Romano.


  • Torrie
    Determined, sexy, fit and wrestling (literally) with success.

  • High Intensity Training
    1 set vs. 3 sets: A no Holds Barred Debate by the Experts.

  • Testosterone
    Restores Sex Driver and Packs on Muscle - is it worth the risk?

  • WCW's Goldberg
    His maniac comeback workout.

  • Protein vs. Carbohydrate for Performance
    Comments from the Experts.