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September 2000

Muscular Development, owned by Twinlab, is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on natural bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading. The look of natural bodybuilding and less on the hardcore look is what Muscular Development stands for. With everything geared towards the natural look, it continues to attack steroids, drugs, etc. On the cover is WCW's Bill Goldberg.

September 2000 Table of Contents
Volume 37, Number 10


  • X-Plosive Plyometric Training
    Plyometrics for football

  • MD Olympic Training Camp
    Training for the Gold, by Todd Riech, Olympic Javelin competitor

  • Muscle Form + Function
    Reverse pec dec for capping the posterior deltoid.

  • By the Experts Q&A


  • Research Nutrition
    Includes MCT's Raise Blood Fats; Honey Speeds Recovery; Some Fat Critical for Athletes, and much, much more...

  • Research Supplements
    Includes Whey Protein Fights Stress; Carnosine Protects Arteries, Choline does not prevent fatigue,; and much, much more.

  • Supplement Performance
    The Supplement Police

  • Nutrition Performance
    Is Andro closer to being classified an Anabolic Steroid?

  • Muscle Shakes
    Cocoa Nut... Choco-Banana

Fat Loss

  • Research Fat Loss
    Includes Appetite Suppressant Linked to Stroke; Fat Burning After 20 Minutes; Low Fat Diet Makes You Hungry, and much, much more...

  • Fat Attack
    Amazing new fat burning supplement: Xtreme Ripped Fuel

Health & Fitness

  • Research Fitness
    Including Killer Abs Secrets; Take the Navy Fitness Challenge; Who Sweats More... Fat or Lean?; Training in the Green Room, and more...

  • Research Sports Medicine
    Includes Weight Training Injuries on rise; Lifting Weights Helps Fight Diabetes, Chondromalacia Strikes Runners, and much, much more...

  • Research Health
    Includes Brain Acuity Relies on Physical Activity; Sex Atlas says Americans on Top; Fight Jet Lag and Win; and much, much more.

  • Sports Science
    The End of World Records?

  • Testosterone

Inside Angles

  • Editor's Letter
    From Olympic Rings to the Wrestling Ring.....

  • Mail Room
    Where our readers rave and rant

  • MD Gear

  • Hot Shoppe

  • The Last Word
    by John Romano.


  • WCW's Bill Goldberg
    Heavy Duty Interview

  • A Call to Arms
    Classic Keys to Big Arm Training

  • Olympic Special
    Michael vs. Maurice: The Muscle Machines

  • Midajah O'Hearn
    Profile and Pictorial

  • U.S. Lifters seek optimal Olympic Performance