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Muscular Development Magazine
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September 2005

Muscular Development is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on hardcore bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading. On the cover is Capriese Murray

September 2005
Volume 42, Issue 9

Various Notes & Highlights

  • There are a lot of pictures from the 2005 Memorial Day Muscle Beach Classic on Venice Beach, which is an annual event in Los Angeles. John Romano talks about about the HBO Real Sports Steroids story.

  • The magazine is 394 pages, not including the front and back cover. In the editorial, Steve Blechman talks about the NY Pro and the passing of Paul DeMayo.

  • There is a great pictorial of the three muscleman in Manhattan, walking around, taking pictures from various places. They include Victor Martinez, Capriese Murray and Craig Richardson.

    The New York Pro, the first show in New York under that name since Wayne DeMilia retired the Night of Champions last year. The story and pictures are great.

  • The Mutant 'X-Frame" Capriese Murray attacks New York article and picture and interview.