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July 2001

Welcome to NutriMag Magazine. We are very excited to have the opportunity to educate the readers on the real facts in the supplement industry. NutriMag is the official magazine of Nutri-Sport Nutrition Stores, which there are over 58 in the United States. NutriMag offers scientific research, training articles, fast facts, star profiles and much more. On the cover is Heather Keckler.

July 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #8


  • Methoxyisoflavone
    One of the latest muscle building tools to hit the shelf space is Methoxy Isolflavone. Originally derived from plants, it has been chemically 'tweaked; by scientists to turn it into a powerful muscle building force.

  • Ingredients of the Millennium
    What you need to know about the latest and greatest lurking on supplement labels.

  • Getting the most muscle from your protein
    What the latest published scientific research has to say regarding protein usage for more effective gains and a leaner stronger body.

  • Nutrition for Gaining
    Is there such a think as easily gained muscle? By Chad Choy

  • Take Control
    Don't let NIDDM ruin your health.

  • Pushing Past the Plateaus
    Of Weight Training. Part One. Making steady progress with weight training requires keeping your body in an anabolic environment.

  • New Hot Products
    The latest products in the supplement world.

  • Mass Machine
    Information and inspiration to take your training to the next level. By Skip LaCour.


  • Insight 2001
    Most people don't realize the amount of money they would need to spend every month to maintain their daily protein requirements, by Jacob Frank.

  • Your Lean Body Coach
    Choosing Wisely; an educated consumer's look at common sports supplement pitfalls. Part two of a two part article. By Lee Labrada.

  • Living Lean
    by Sandra Blackie

  • Lean Muscle Building Fast Facts
    Including protein, l-glutamine, testosterone and prohormone supplements.

  • A Sports Nutritionist's View
    Protein for fat loss and muscle growth…