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October 2001

Welcome to NutriMag Magazine. We are very excited to have the opportunity to educate the readers on the real facts in the supplement industry. NutriMag is the official magazine of Nutri-Sport Nutrition Stores, which there are over 58 in the United States. NutriMag offers scientific research, training articles, fast facts, star profiles and much more. On the cover is Rachel Moore.

October 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #9


  • Meals That Make You look and Perform Awesome
    What is a meal supplement supposed to do? What is the purpose of eating? We will answer these questions here!

  • Green Tea Extract
    The first clinically proven, ephadra free fat burner.

  • 4 Words That Guarantee
    Your bodybuilding drink to be 27% less effective. They are 'contains ion exchange whey'. Why? The ion exchange process robs your body of critical nitrogen rich, muscle fueling glycomacropeptides.

  • Special Report
    Effective fat burning without stimulants. The key to effective fat burning can be explain in a few easy steps, including Changing your protein to carb ratio; triggering the fat burning process; transporting fat for more efficient use; and making Insulin work more efficiently.

  • Effervescence
    A delivery method of choice for supplements, when done correctly.

  • Pushing Past the Plateaus
    Of Weight Training - Part 2. Fats are critical for many physiological functions, including testosterone production, so avoiding fat at all cost is a big mistake.

  • Prohormones 2001
    Unlike testosterone, the dihydro derivative of 19-nortestosterone is weaker than the parent compound, which means that the action of his hormone on 5-ar rich tissues is weak compared to testosterone.


  • Insight 2001
    We have taken for granted what it means to live in a free nation and now some of that freedom has been taken away, possibly forever. By Jacob Frank.

  • Living Lean
    Weight Training. It does more than make muscles. By Sandra Blackie.

  • New Hot Products
    Including Lean Body Bars, Gltaplex, Triphetamine, Natrolone, Designer Whey Drinks Promax Bar Blueberry Flavor,

  • A Sports Nutritionists View
    Fat Metabolism. Fat needs a steady flow of oxygen to burn normally and carbs do not.

  • Your Lean Body Coach
    Meal frequency is essential for stimulating your metabolism. Each time you eat, your body has to work to digest the food. By Lee Labrada.

  • Dr. Muscle
    Fatů that is the question.