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Winter 2002

Optimum Lifestyle Magazine, is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition. The magazine's slogan is Through Diet, Exercise and Supplementation, via 16 Years of Excellence. This magazine strives to publish current, factual information that will help readers make informed decisions. It also contains ads only from Optimum Nutrition.

Winter 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Keeping Fit During The Cooler - Fall/Winter Months
    Trying to avoid the dreaded winter weight gain? Follow our exercise and diet pointers and hold undesired weight gain at bay.

  • Enhancing Nutrients
    Vitamin D, Inulin, Bioperine - find out how these nutrients can complement your health and fitness goals.

  • Optimum News
    An inside look at what's going on Optimum Nutrition. And now, American Body Building.

  • FAQs
    Quick answers to the questions you ask most.

  • Eat Like A Pro
    How did IFBB pro Art Atwood build his awesome physique? Check out Art's suggestions for attaining maximum muscle growth.

  • Supplement Timing
    Learn the benefits of incorporating the entire Pro Complex family of Augmented Protein Systems into your daily schedule.

  • 10 Vitamin and Mineral Facts Every Athlete Should Know
    If you are a serious athlete, then you should definitely know these ten vitamin and essential mineral facts.

  • Success Story
    Read how Scott Trout become a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro using Optimum Nutrition products.

  • Consumer Corner
    Comments from our valued customers. See what they are saying.


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