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Spring 2003

Optimum Lifestyle Magazine, is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition. The magazine's slogan is Through Diet, Exercise and Supplementation, via 16 Years of Excellence. This magazine strives to publish current, factual information that will help readers make informed decisions. It also contains ads only from Optimum Nutrition.

Spring 2003 - Table of Contents


  • A Carb is a Carb is a Carb, or is it?
    Whether you are a follower of the latest Atkins craze or you are from the old school and rely on carbohydrates to contribute a large part to your physique, you don't want to miss this article.

  • Brewing Up Something Good
    Have you heard the latest buzz? There are several benefits to supplementing your diet with tea. Find out exactly what these benefit are.

  • Optimum News
    An inside look at what is going on at Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building.

  • Ten Cutting Edge Weight Loss Supplements
    If you want to stay on top o your game, these ten supplements will help you do just that.

  • FAQs
    Quick answers to the questions you ask most.

  • Using Enzymes for Mass
    Digestive enzymes can help you get the most out of the nutrients you consume, so be sure to take the time to digest this valuable information.

  • Which Way To A Healthier Meal?
    Looking for a healthy fast food meal may seem like a treacherous task, but if you follow this advice you can avoid all of the common pitfalls with the greatest of ease.

  • Overocming Adversity
    An inspiring story about an Optimum Nutrition customer who used fitness and nutrition to cope with a personal tragedy.

  • Consumer Corner
    Comments from you our valued customers.


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