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July 2000

John Parillo's Performance Press is a monthly magazine that talks about different bodybuilding, fitness and endurance topics. This magazine also is biased towards Parillo's products, obviously. On the cover is Stan 'The Man' Frydrych.

July 2000 - Table of Contents


  • Stan 'The Man' Frydyrch Masters Champion
    Utilizing Parillo principles to win the Masters Olympia.

  • Mary Jo Blackburn
    An inspirational tale of transformation.

  • Protein Quality
    How to avoid being duped by fancy ad lingo.


  • FX Stretch
    The link to a perfect physique. Instant muscle gains through FX Stretching.

  • Parillo and Powerlifting
    Gaining mass and strength the Parillo way.

  • Power Breathing
    KAI! Your way to ripped abs and superstrength.

  • Personal Training Systems
    Welcome to the professional personal trainer.

  • Advantages of the Mature Trainer
    Over 40 and looking great!

  • Q&A with John Parillo
    Keeping energy levels high without gaining body fat.