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August 2000

John Parillo's Performance Press is a monthly magazine that talks about different bodybuilding, fitness and endurance topics. This magazine also is biased towards Parillo's products, obviously. On the cover is Mary Fambrini.

August 2000 - Table of Contents


  • Mary Fambrini
    Successfully balancing fitness and career.

  • Henry Lovelace
    Personal trainer of the month

  • Jr. Nationals - First in Print
    The battle bigger than Texas.


  • News & Views
    Creatine 2000

  • Certified Personal Trainer Column
    Why Parillo? Why Not?

  • Childhood Obesity
    How Parillo can change this growing trend?

  • Strength - Flexibility
    For mass, prowess and fewer injuries.

  • Thoughts on a Rise in Obesity in the US
    A look at why we are losing the battle of the bulge.

  • Processed Carbohydrates
    The fat forming carbs.

  • Limited Workout Time
    How you can make the most of it?

  • Q&A with John Parlillo
    How much protein is enough?