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October 2000

John Parillo's Performance Press is a monthly magazine that talks about different bodybuilding, fitness and endurance topics. This magazine also is biased towards Parillo's products, obviously. On the cover is Bob Cicherillo, 2000 NPC USA Superheavyweight and Overall Champion.

October 2000 - Table of Contents


  • Bob Cicherillo
    Overnight sensation in just ten short years. A Rocky Balboa Incarnate?

  • Dale Buchanan
    Personal Trainer of the Month

  • Gaining Muscular Weight
    The keys to packing on muscle like this are proper nutrition and training.


  • Want to be the best?
    The Master Certification Program

  • Isolate your abs for more effective results
    Ecerpts from "Bullet-proof Abs"

  • CapTri
    Bodybuilding Miracle Supplement. Want thermogenisis? Want 'clean' calories? Want energy? Try CapTri by Parillo.

  • Zap the Fat Permanently
    Losding body fat isn't nearly as difficult as keeping it off.

  • Answers to your Nutrition Questions
    Should I eat more protein if I am more active? Should I eat during a workout? How exactly does weight training burn fat? and more...

  • Natural Weight Loss Miracles
    Adding weight in all the right places.