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January 2002

John Parillo's Performance Press is a monthly magazine that talks about different bodybuilding, fitness and endurance topics. This magazine also is biased towards Parillo's products, obviously. On the cover is Mary Ellen Doss..

January 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Feature Athlete
    Mary Ellen Doss taking them to school

  • Ultimate Amino
    the latest word on amino acid supplements.

  • The War Room
    Up to date pics and happenings around Parillo Headquarters, including Team Parillo at the NPC Nationals.

  • Hall of Champions
    Winners from the 2001 NPC National Championships


  • Support for Success
    Get the help you need from someone you know.

  • Best in the Business
    Parillo Certified Trainers: The Industry Elite.

  • Backing Off
    The Secret to Reaching Greater Heights

  • Building Metabolism
    Maximizing Your Intake For Maximum Gains.

  • Natural Weight Loss Miracles
    The Truth About Spot Reducing.