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June 1999

John Parillo's Performance Press is a monthly magazine that talks about different bodybuilding, fitness and endurance topics. This magazine also is biased towards Parillo's products, obviously. On the cover is Chris Faildo.

June 1999 - Table of Contents


  • Chris Faildo: Hawaiian Hurricane
    The best Lightweight Bodybuilder in the world?

  • Changing Your Direction
    Taking a look back, first of a series.

  • NPC USA Championship
    We have got the first look!

  • Power Lifting Championships
    Team Parrillo rocks the house.


  • Training for the Ages
    Holding back the hands of time.

  • Extreme Range Strength
    Knowing the rep-range limits.

  • Carbohydrates for Optimal Performance II
    Why the right carbohydrates are sheer rocket fuel.

  • Abbreviated Training for a Limited Schedule
    Maximum pump; minimum time.

  • Don't Let Vegetables Be Hard to Swallow
    Don't you like your veggies?

  • Parillo Trains Hampton, the Final Chapter
    How Hampton avoids over-training?