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Fall 2000

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. It's slogan is 'Muscling in on Bodybuilding Truth'. On the cover is Torrie Wilson and Grant Henderson.

Fall 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 3, Number 3


  • Has Baloney become good protein?

  • Our Firebabse of 2000

  • Anja Langer: When Heaven's Angels…

  • Planet Muscle's Sexy Buns Contest

  • Great Planet Muscle Gyms
    Gold's Gym in Madison, Wisconsin.


  • Editorial
    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

  • Q&A
    Inside the crazy planetarium!

  • Training
    Gain 10 pounds of muscle

  • Workouts
    Workouts for working men and women

  • Medical
    Do you need human growth hormone

  • Medical
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Planet Babes
    Tatiana Anderson and Doris Dany

  • Strength
    The strongest man in history

  • New Products
    Blue Ribbon Proteins