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Winter 2001

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. It's slogan is 'Muscling in on Bodybuilding Truth'. On the cover is Frank Zane and Ronnie Coleman

Winter 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Number 1


  • Super Protein Feature
    What the experts say about protein, including Up from the great Nitrogen Bog: Making sense of the protein mess. Also, Protein Wizards: The testosterone gurus dig into protein.

  • Big Money! Gorgeous Butts Feature
    The $10,000 winner of our best amateur and professional butts!

  • Columbus Discovered the World
    It's time for you to discover World Gym Columbus!

Pumping Opinions

  • Editorial
    Advertisement Quagmire by Jeff Everson. The Blue Ribbon Certification.

  • Inside the Crazy Planetarium
    Many of the views Jeff Everson thinks, expressed herin, are satirical commentary.

  • New Products
    What's hot?

  • Readers Rap

Supplement Science

  • Blue Ribbon Top 10
    Top Ten Protein Bars, according to Planet Muscle.

Sets and Reps

  • The Real Way To Learn Muscle Faster
    There is no one best way to get lean and hard. But - knowledge and this proven routine can make you grow faster.

  • Growing Muscle
    Evolution, Not Revolution: Gaining muscle is a Darwinian Learning and Changing Process, not a Marxist Overthrow.

  • For Women Only
    Getting buffed with Karen Jo. Shaping your stubborn bottom line: Glutes and Legs

  • 18 Minute Home Dumbbell Workout
    A workout of just under 20 minutes. Build great levels of size and strength.

  • F=ST2
    Bodybuilders: Fitness = Smart Training: Make sure you take the straight road to growth right from the start!

  • Muscle Machines
    Great machines to build your great machine. Thunderous thighs with leverage.

Sex, Health, Longevity

  • Sexual Lifeforce
    Find out how you can prevent loss of energy, slow the so-called normal effects of aging and radically increase your libido sex drive without drugs.

  • The Body Shop
    Ancillary methods for substrate recovery and tissue restoration.

Strengt, Sports, Power

  • Brobdingnagians of Strength
    Janne Virtanon: The New World's Strongest Man

Planet Babes

  • Debbie Kruck, Diane Jene, Frank Sepe