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June 2002

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. It's slogan is 'Muscling in on Bodybuilding Truth'.

June 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 2


  • 2002 Great Glutes
    Butts, butts and more butts - no buts about it - here is a bit of our combined $12,000 winners. Including Brenda Raganot, Meridith Ashby, Monica Ortiz, April Enos, Teresa Wallace, Jennifer Mason, Krissy Kline, Kara Peek, Jennifer Chamberlin, Vicki Gates, Jennifer Elrod, Tonya Elliot, Jitka Harazimova, Pirjo Iikka, Jennifer Hendershot, Lesley Bryant, and Christy Lake.

  • Muscle Evolution
    Bio Phase Nitrogen Intake, increase muscle exponentially! The latest science suggests: Muscle hypertrophy occurs fastest with a 2-pronged protein delivery.


  • Editorial
    Surprise! Surprise! Medicine proves you can get six pack abs in 50 days. Over training and stress, the unknown double gut whammy. By Scott Mendelson.

  • Crazy Planetarium
    The forum for training, nutrition and everything else. Including questions on Secrets or systems to get muscle faster?, Protein Toxicity?. Aloha Muscle & Fitness, Carb & Fat Myth; World's Strongest Woman, Nitromine Miracle, and much more.

  • F=ST2
    Planet Muscle's 10 Commandments to Big Muscle.

  • Ripped in 21 Days
    Muscle without steroid drugs! Scientists shows way to build lean muscle without steroid drugs!

  • Muscle Evolution
    May the G-Force Be With You. Science re-affirms the critical importance of supplemental glutamine and the branched chain amino acids.

  • Brobdingnagians
    Keith Jones. This mountain man of natural strength (who occasionally has a 30' calf) went from arm wrestling champion to being the promoter of the Aloha M&F Classic, the third biggest total bodybuilding and fitness health fair in history, in just two years.

  • Planet Nutrition
    MMT-ST Theory. Muscle, minimum time with supplement timing. The power of serious supplement science.

  • Planet Babes
    Drea Lenti. This Brazlian Planet Babe - steamier than the rain forest.

  • Planet Stud
    Scott Markey. With his chiseled abdominals and good looks, is already making a name for himself in 3 area, modeling, bodybuilding and raiding the beach of San Paulo.

  • The Body Shop
    In the name of muscle, we are the ultimate. Ivanko.

  • Hot Products
    Various products that are on fire.