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August 2002

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. It's slogan is 'Muscling in on Bodybuilding Truth'.

August 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 3


  • The Protein Bible
    This is the final word on protein! Everything you ever needed to know about protein. And we mean everything.

  • Steroids
    Miracle or Myth? Man's chief purpose is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. Lots of stuff you want to know about steroids.


  • Editorial
    Fuggedaboutit. Until we patch the hole in bodybuilding's soul, bodybuilding will remain a dancing bear, and will not make the Olympics.This issue is our first Planet Muscle appearing on the national newsstands.

  • Jeff's Crazy Planetarium
    The truth shall set you free. The forum for training, nutrition and everything else. Various questions including 'The Secret of the Calves' , 'Before & After Bodies - Fact and Fiction' , 'Weights and the Old Ticker' and more.

  • Planetarium: Iron Eggheads
    Where research and medical experts will comment on and analyze these controversial subjects.

  • Products on Mire
    2002 - The Ultimate Products

  • Reader's Rap

  • The Strength of Samson
    Nutritrion, that is.

  • Sexiest Babes x 4
    Including Amy Fadhli, Sherilyn Godreau, Laurie Noack, and Tina Jo Orban.

  • F=ST Squared
    Four day miracle workout. An amazing 4 day workout for lean mass. Natural bodybuildes, and hey, most steroid users too, follow this 4 day workout over a weeks rotation, and guarantee it will produce like no other workout ever.

  • Real Meals for Lean Muscle
    For Serious Bodybuilders Only

  • Planet Nutrition
    Real Meals. Real Supplements. Real Muscle. Serious bodybuilders - do not lose sight of the facts to get lean muscle.

  • Protein Polypeptides
    Nutrient partitioning for Fat Loss. Science's Pepti-Lean polypeptide helps burn fat and partition all nutrients toward lean tissues.

  • A.R.T.
    Chronic Pain Be Gone! Active Release Techniques.

  • Brobdingnagians
    History's Best Arms, including John Grimek, Freddy Ortiz, Reg Park, Larry Scott, Rick Wayne, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Boyer Coe, Aaron Baker, Cory Everson, Vince Taylor, Melissa Coates, Paul Dilett, J.D. Dawodu, Kevin English, Iris Kyle, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler.