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August / September 2000

Pump Magazine considers themselves the 'training and supplementation authority' of the magazines. On the cover is Torrie Wilson and Jamo Nezzar.

August / September 2000 - Table of Contents
Number 110


  • Letter from the Executive Editor
    A message from John Cribbs.

  • Priority Mail
    John Cribbs answers letter from our readers.

  • Training FAQ
    Pack on slabs of chiseled mass using new training secrets! Maximize muscle building with the answers to your most frequently asked questions on training.

  • Virtual Muscle
    A scientific forum exploring the latest breakthroughs in bodybuilding technology

  • The Girls of Pump
    The sexiest fitness women in the world… uncovered.

  • Picture Perfect
    Real Life Success Stories.

  • Pumped FAQ
    An assortment of frequently asked questions.

  • Supplements FAQ
    The newest and most cutting edge breakthroughs in gray market supplements that rival the world's most powerful anabolic steroids.

  • Pump Model Search
    Uncovering the hottest, unknown fitness talent.

  • Rippeds Abs Fast
    Get a shredded '6 pack' using this amazing new abs training routine.

  • Steroids FAQ
    The world's foremost 'anabolic authority' reveals all. Warning: For hardcore readers only!

  • Power Station Training
    Your back will become a shredded, muscular roadmap when you master 3 variations of… the grateful deadlift.