Reform Magazine

June 2001

Reform Magazine is sponsored by Scitec Nutrition, which is the sole advertiser in this issue. The magazine, 52 pages long, offers various articles, and info. On the cover is Monica Brant.

June 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 2

Inside the Insider

  • Editorial
    Marty O'Malley talks about the MyoMax study, a unique and expensive scientific study, in which the volunteers were monitored for nutrition and training.

  • Monica Brant
    With over 45 covers of every major bodybuilding and fitness magazine, Monica Brant has become one of the industry's most recognizables faces. Here are pictures and info about Monica.

  • MyoMax Supplements
    Blueprint for a red hot, sizzling body. Our Scitec Stack is shaping up.

  • Real Andrews
    Fighting his way to the top. Real grew up in Canada, and more info on this sensational bodybuilder.

  • What is a Rotator Cuff
    How to make them stronger and prevent injury.

  • 220 lbs - 170 times
    The Guiness World Record for Squat Shattered!